Football Alum Challenges DeFilippo’s Authority In E-Mail

January 17, 2012

By Greg Joyce / Sports Editor

Late Monday night, Steven Lively (BC ’83 Football Alum) sent an e-mail to Boston College Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo, voicing his concerns about the current state of the athletic department:

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Your tenure as the Boston College Athletics Director is a remarkable example of the point made by Dr. King. Boston College needs to correct an intolerable situation. It is time that either you leave Boston College as the Athletic Director on your own accord or be forced out.

Following this statement, he goes on to list his “findings,” a collection of blunders and claims that Lively makes about the downfall of BC athletics under DeFilippo’s watch.

Lastly, Lively questions DeFilippo’s “lack of effort regarding diversity,” and the true motives for his recent firing of head coaches. He finishes by writing: “Your intent was to show President Leahy that you could bring home the bacon, but in doing so you stepped outside the bounds of integrity.

Lively CC’d the Boston College Board of Trustees and President Leahy on the letter. He also included a letter that he had written directly to Leahy on December 28, 2011, advocating for a “third party investigation” into the motives of the Athletic Department.

The Heights has reached out to DeFilippo for comment, and will be looking into investigating this letter and the issues it brings up in the coming days.


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