Frank Spaziani On Coaching Changes

February 16, 2012

The Heights: Was there any thought about bringing Kevin Rogers back as offensive coordinator?
Spaziani: Well Kevin was sick. So that precluded anything. His health is the major issue.
The Heights: There is a report that Rogers is the new QB coach at Temple, so he is still sick?
Spaziani: Oh I don’t know that. I haven’t heard that.
The Heights: As far as the coaches that just left (Dave Brock, Ryan Day, Ben Sirmans), did you see that coming or were you caught off guard?
Spaziani: Well … let me say this: You’re never caught off guard completely like this. The average term of an assistant coach at a college is some stat under two years. I think people read too much into it. Wisconsin lost five coaches, Notre Dame [lost] three, USC [lost] three, Tennessee [lost] six, Alabama [lost] two, Washington [lost] five. You know what I mean? It hasn’t happened around here like this for a little bit. But those guys left for coordinators jobs and some other reasons, a couple personal reasons.
The Heights: Can you talk about the new coaches coming in?
Spaziani: Yeah, we’re excited about it. Sean Desai comes highly recommended as a special teams [coach]. And he coached outside linebackers at Temple. Very astute football mind, and adds some youth to us. Al Washington of course played here. He bleeds Boston College. He’s been coaching for five years now, and it was time for him to step into the role that we have for him. And then Aaron Smith had worked our camp for us. He was a receiver at Connecticut and coached at the Coast Guard Academy and of course Columbia. So he adds some youth to us and we had known about him. He was on our short list of guys. You have to be ready when someone has to leave or someone gets promoted or something along those lines. So we’re happy about it, and it’s adding a lot of excitement.

Spring practice starts Saturday. Check out more from the interview in Monday’s issue of The Heights.


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