April 12, 2012

Matt is. He asked for his release. Matt has been great these two years. I think the most important thing he did was he wanted to come here and get a degree and he’s done a terrific job and he got his degree. I think he and his family looked at this situation and thought—he wants to be a professional basketball player and he wants that to really be his focus now after he had his degree. He thinks that there may be a better spot to go produce and find out a place that can help him reach that goal. When anybody comes in here my first issue with all these guys is the team first, but this time of year I’ve got to find out what everyone’s thinking, what they want, what’s best, and I support it. That’s what he wants to do and we are 100 percent behind him. As I said, I think it’s important that he did everything right when he was here for two years and he got his degree and now he’s excited about being a professional basketball player and wants to see if there is a better place, and I think he thinks there is and I’m not going to argue with that.

Basketball head coach Steve Donahue, when asked if he could confirm that Matt Humphrey will transfer from Boston College.


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