Frank Spaziani Teleconference: Week One

August 26, 2012

It’s officially game week for the Boston College football team, and head coach Frank Spaziani conducted his weekly teleconference today looking ahead to Saturday’s opener against Miami. Here is some of what Spaz had to say:

“We’re in game week. The coaches are excited and the players are excited. We’re anxious to find out what kind of football team we have. We have a very formidable opponent in Miami, and we’re looking forward to the game.”

On the tight end situation without senior Chris Pantale:

“We have a couple different ways to go. CJ Parsons and [Jarrett] Darmstatter and [Brian] Miller have scrimmaged, and [Dave] Bowen and [Liam] Porter have been there. I think it’s going to be by committee for a while until we figure it out.”

On what he sees in Miami quarterback Stephen Morris:

Stephen is a very big league quarterback with skills. All you do is have to go back and look at the Maryland game he started last year. He didn’t skip a beat as far as their offense. They moved the ball and scored very well. I know the situation that they had last year was obviously a new situation in handling everybody, but he has all the skills and I’m sure with a whole season with the system under his belt and now an offseason and a preseason, we’re expecting an accomplished quarterback in there, and somebody that albeit hasn’t played a lot of plays, but has been in games and been around and I’m sure he’s going to be well-schooled.”

On the wide receiver situation without Bobby Swigert:

“We have some quality guys there. We like what’s going on over there at the wide receiver spot, but they gotta do it in the game. Liking them and having them do it is two different things. Doug [Martin]’s got a great feel for certain things. We gotta just put them in the right positions to give them a chance to make a play and then they gotta do it.”

On the health of the defensive line, including senior captain Kaleb Ramsey:

“We’re fully loaded over there now. We got all the parts back and everybody’s working. It’s a matter of how we use them and when we use them.”

You played Miami in the last game last year and the first game this year. Does that change the dynamics of things?

“Not really. They’re back-to-back games nine or ten months apart. They’re two different teams. A lot of things have changed from that game—the atmosphere, the psychology, the teamwork. They’re just two different teams. I can speak for our team and I’m sure [Miami head coach] Al [Al Golden] would say the same thing.”

On the announcement of walk-ons Mike Javorski and Ted Davenport earning scholarships:

“Every year since I’ve been the head coach and even before, if we’ve had extra scholarships, we’ve tried to reward our walk-ons, for two reasons. It’s very hard for us to get walk-ons, and they’re an integral part of our success. When we have somebody that’s done what Mike Javorski has done, it’s kind of a no-brainer to reward him a scholarship. It’s good for morale, it’s good for the guys that are there. Teddy’s a little bit different story, in that he’s played and participated for us. Barry Gallup said he’s got some extra money in his pocket, let’s give it out. But both of those guys are well-deserving, and they’re great students also. There’s a lot of things about them. They’ll play as much as we need them to do, whatever we ask.”

Is opening with a conference game a good thing?

“I don’t mind it, because it’s the same for both of us. Miami is the same as us. There is no game earlier or they didn’t have any extra practice time. So, you have to play the game, so why not get them going? That’s the way I look at it. It’s one week. Every week is an individual season. Conference game or no conference, let’s find out who we are.’’

Who in particular stands out from Miami, if anybody?

“I cannot identify them they’re so fast. They have some very good players on both sides of the ball. Obviously their skill people and their size and their quickness. That’s an athletic football team with some good players and they’re well-coached.”


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