Clifford’s Take: Day Two In Spain

August 28, 2012

Today was another fun day for the team.
This morning everyone woke up feeling as refreshed as ever after getting the first night’s sleep in what had seemed like forever, and then we all got on the bus for another tour of the city guided by our good friend Frederico.  Frederico gave us the inside scoop on all of the historic buildings in Spain, including when they were built and why, and what they mean to the people of Spain.  For the most part we were on the bus where we were all taking drive-by photos like the typical tourist bus that Americans usually frown upon.  We made a couple stops, our first being The Plaza de Toros, a famous bull fighting ring.  Then we went on to see the statue of Miguel Cervantes, who is the author of Don Quixote, where Frederico gave us his whole story and the sparknote version of his book.  Most of the stops, you could have found John Cain Carney and I desperately searching for shade while the rest of the team happily enjoyed the wrath of the Spanish sun.  I swear the sun out here is much worse than in Boston. I feel like I am walking on the sun’s surface every time I step outside.  There’s a good chance I come back very sun burnt, and that means my mom yelling at me, but at least I got my haircut so she can’t be too disappointed (for the record my mom’s the nicest lady east of the Mississippi, so her yelling at me isn’t yelling at all).  So anyways, our last stop was the Debod (an Egyptian Temple given to Spain as a gift), which was another chance for us to check out the cool ancient architecture of Spain.
After the sightseeing it was time to focus for tonight’s [Monday night] game.  We played on a blue, almost plastic floor, where our guys were slipping left and right.  Although we had a rough game tonight, it was our first game and we showed great potential for the upcoming season. The game was very close but not everyone’s legs were there, including mine, and we were not able to come out on top.  The first five to 10 minutes of the game were very messy due to the fact that we were getting used to the European style of play; the physicality, travel calls, etc. By the end of the game, everyone could tell we are ready for European play and ready to compete tomorrow night.  Tomorrow [Tuesday] we look forward to playing with each other again and continuing to improve as a unit. 

(Photo from BC Basketball’s Twitter account:

Now we have a team dinner at a nice restaurant outside of the hotel.  Even though it is 11:00 p.m. over here, people are still outside sitting down for nice meals with family and friends.
Hasta Luego!

Clifford will be blogging a few times for The Heights throughout the trip to Spain. Check back here for more insights during the 10-day trip.


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