Clifford’s Take: Day Four In Spain

August 30, 2012

Today the plan was to buy my older sister a sweet Spanish license plate that says “MADRID,” but I found out that most stores in Spain open at 10 a.m.  We left the hotel at around 9:30 in the morning so I was unable to purchase that license plate, but it’s the thought that counts.  I’m not sure telling that after coming home from Spain will suffice, so I am now on the prowl for more gifts.  We ventured to Valencia on a five-hour bus ride, which was actually much better than it sounds.  I was very excited to see the picturesque countryside without applying seven coats of sunscreen enforced by Mama-Cliff.  The team had a great time in the back of the bus playing cards and checking out the scenery on the way.  At one of our rest stops, I showed my dominance at the billiards table as I completely worked Olivier in a round of 8-ball.  Joe tried to challenge me as we were leaving but I decided to retire undefeated.
When we arrived in Valencia, we took a tour of the City of Arts and Sciences.  Although I have been making fun of our other guys for taking so many pictures, today I soon found out (while holding Jordan’s camera) that I have the skill set of a seasoned professional photographer, or paparazzi.  My action shots of the team with the buildings in the background were absolutely flawless; using the black and white effects like the instruments in my orchestra. The amount of gems that can be found in Jordan’s camera right now is overwhelming – I even received the praise of Lonnie and John Cain Carney about how my photos of the team were so electrifying.  I am going to continue taking photos while demanding that I get paid by the hour.  Ryan seems to be upset with my sudden breakout of photographing potential, as he was the only one unimpressed by my work.
All of that aside, Valencia is a beautiful city and the team really enjoyed our first day here, followed up by another great meal at a fine Spanish restaurant.  The team keeps stopping just to discuss how great of an opportunity this trip is and how much fun we are having together.  Part of this trip was to bond with each other and the coaches, and we certainly have not come short of that. Everyone seems to be having the time of their lives, including the coaches and managers.
 (Photo from BC Basketball’s Twitter:

Valencia seems to be a lot less active than Madrid, but it is much more modernized.  We are ending the night early tonight in our new hotel rooms – Ryan and I no longer have to practically share a twin-sized bed.  This hotel is much more spacious and less honeymoon-style, which for now is a plus in my book.  The rooms have bigger beds and are more spread out.  They also have showers that I can fit in, which is always a homerun for me.  That is all for tonight – looking forward to playing again tomorrow, see you amigos later.

Clifford will be blogging daily for The Heights throughout the trip to Spain. Check back here for more insights during the 10-day trip.


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