Clifford’s Take: Day Five In Spain

August 31, 2012

This morning, I was glad to wake up more than a foot from Ryan’s face, so it is fair to say that it was a good start to the day.  Everyone had breakfast in the hotel and then we all got on the bus and made our way to the aquarium.  The aquarium was a big hit with our team – all of us spread out into mini groups and voyaged through the aquarium at our own pace all morning.  We got to see the Beluga whale – which was the main attraction – however the walruses were an even better catch.  All of us took turns clapping at the walrus, and with each person, the walrus then proceeded to clap its flippers.  After we realized this, it was a while before we walked away from that part of the aquarium, all taking turns at trying to train the walrus to do other stuff (like yell, dolphin flips, the usual).  The aquarium was really cool but I still think my favorite part of being here is interacting with the people.  We took more pictures and had a lot more conversations through ranging methods of communication.
These three people outside of the aquarium dressed as Spanish tribal people saw one of us dribbling a tennis ball and attacked us (in a jokingly manner).  They stole the ball from us and started to play what at first looked like hockey, using their staffs as sticks.  Me, being the fierce competitor that I am, immediately chased them down and stole the ball right back.  After chasing me for a while, we got to talk to them for a little bit with the little English that they knew and the little Spanish that we know.  That soon turned into them teaching us one of their tribal dances, which ended up being more of a warrior routine than a dance.  After our team circled up and did what they showed us, they demanded that we show them a dance from our culture.  Keep in mind this is basically in the middle of the hundreds of people waiting in line to get into the aquarium.  Without much thought we elected Ryan to show them his new “Donkey” dance (he made it up…it’s legendary), which was a huge hit this summer and continues to get more love every time he does it.  Therefore, it was only right that we show the people of Spain Ryan’s “Donkey” dance.  The one guy and one of the girls picked up the dance pretty quickly after seeing Ryan and I attack the dance floor, however the other girl with them was absolutely miserable – goes to show that this dance requires extreme technique and coordination. 
(Photo from BC Basketball’s Twitter:

After the aquarium it was time to get focused for our upcoming game.  We had a pre-game meal at the hotel, then headed to the stadium.  The stadium was a little bigger than a regular ACC stadium, but there was barely anyone there because the game was closed to the public.  The team we played tonight was very good.  We lost by about 20 points but everyone still felt confident and positive coming out of the game.  We got within five at one point and held our own for most of the game against the highest caliber team that we have played so far.  What hurt us the most was our turnovers – most of them coming from miscommunications due to the fact that we are still getting used to the new players on the team. All in all, we played very well against a very good professional team and we have a lot of good things to look forward to this season if we stay on this path and keep working hard.  Tomorrow morning we will head to Barcelona, and the rumor is we are stopping at the beach on the way, where I shall continue my endless battle with the sun, with or without sunscreen.

Clifford will be blogging daily for The Heights throughout the trip to Spain. Check back here for more insights during the 10-day trip.


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