Clifford’s Take: Day Seven In Spain

September 2, 2012

Yesterday we traveled to Barcelona, and on the way we stopped at Cambrils, a beach town.  The beach was really fun, AND I didn’t get sun burnt.  And no I wasn’t the guy with his shirt on in the water.  Once we got to Barcelona we got to take a quick tour of the city.  Last night we had a great dinner at a seafood restaurant in the port area of Barcelona.  This restaurant was authentic.  I mean straight up seafood – and they didn’t beat around the bush.  One of our appetizers was anchovies, served just as they were caught: eyes, fins and all.  Safe to say those weren’t a huge attraction, but I actually got Jordan to eat one, so I felt good about that.  He still tells me he doesn’t know how I did.
This morning we went more in-depth and saw most of the city, and learned about its Olympic history.  It was awesome to see the Olympic Stadium and the other sites surrounding it – it was also a great opportunity for me to prove my skills as an elite photographer on Jordan’s sweet camera (I’m basically his personal photographer).  I made him take some pictures of me too because today was like the first time in seven years that I wore jeans, so I had to document it a few times for Mama Cliff.  We also visited more sites in Barcelona, a famous park with a huge, curvy bench.  That was really cool because I had always seen pictures of those but today I got to see them in person and get inside knowledge on them.  For example, I didn’t know that the bench was made out of all recycled materials, so the pattern on the exterior is completely original throughout.  Exiting the park I got my sister probably the best shirt that Spain has to offer, so I was excited about that.
After the bus tour of the city, we had about an hour to chill and then we made our way to where we were going to play our game.  At the venue, we did a clinic for the little kids who lived nearby.  It was awesome!  I really like doing the clinics and running around with the little kids, but it was even more entertaining because we didn’t speak their language.  At one point it seemed like everyone was just running around speaking their own language.  This was a challenge but Coach D directed us through some drills and we successfully relayed his message to the kids.  They love how tall we are. Our energy combined with their enthusiasm made it very fun, for fans and all.
The team then had a couple of hours before the game to chill and watch the Oregon women’s basketball team play a local professional team.  After that, it was time for battle.  We played Spain’s best team’s second team, if that makes sense.  We lost by 10 or so – they pulled away in the second quarter by about 20 or 25, and in the second half we cut the lead back down to eight.  Coach D kept us composed and led us back into the game in the second half, throwing different defenses at the opposing team which worked like you read about.  As bad as we played at some parts of the game (especially in the first half), we kept fighting and were very close to pulling off a “W.”  Despite shooting 2-of-20, we were in the game the whole second half and really played great basketball.  We keep showing great signs of improvement every game and now look forward to another few weeks to get ready for the season.

Clifford will be blogging daily for The Heights throughout the trip to Spain. Check back here for more insights during the 10-day trip.


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