September 28, 2012

Obviously I’m tremendously grateful that he gave me this opportunity. This is not a typical business. You’ve got to rely on people having some vision to see that you’re a fit for this place. He’s been an incredible mentor to me over these two years because I hadn’t been at this place or this level. I think he was a great person to have in my corner and I’ll always have him in my corner. I think we’re tied there. I’m disappointed for us that he’s leaving, but I’m excited because I can tell that it’s the right time for him and he’s excited about moving on to the next stage of his life. He gave 100 percent to this department and it’s such an incredibly time consuming and difficult job to be an athletic director especially at a school that has 31 sports and is at this level of athletics in the ACC.

Men’s basketball coach Steve Donahue on retiring athletic director Gene DeFilippo.


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