Bits And Pieces From Spaz

October 20, 2012

By Greg Joyce, Sports Editor

After Boston College came into the season with what looked like a three-headed monster of a rushing attack, the backfield has turned into a one-man show with Andre Williams. The junior has taken over for the Eagles, with Deuce Finch still in head coach Frank Spaziani’s doghouse after early-season fumbling issues, and Tahj Kimble set to have knee surgery next week.

Williams has proved himself over the past two weeks, with impressive 100-plus yard games at Army and Florida State. Spaziani said Williams will likely be the go-to guy for the rest of the season, with true freshman David Dudeck serving as his backup.

“Well, that’s usually the way it is, yeah,” Spaziani said about depending on one running back in Williams. “You watch teams every week and stuff like that, and there’s not three tailbacks rotating in there. There’s a tailback and then there’s another guy that comes in to give him a blow, and then there’s a specialty kind of guy sometimes.

“These guys all understand that the philosophy is ‘Nothing’s tattooed on you.’ You earned it, and you keep it. ’Dre is doing a good job, and [Dudeck] has been real good, so they’re giving us what we want.”

Dudeck has been mainly used on third down, and has played a big role in the screen passing game.

Despite Finch improving in practice each week, Spaziani doesn’t expect to use him today at Georgia Tech.

“Deuce is working and practicing hard, but I don’t think you’re going to see him,” Spaziani said.

Looking for execution

Both Spaziani and various players have come out after the last few weeks as saying that a lack of execution has been he issue in the losses, not a lack of preparation.

“How we’re lined up, and how we’ve played these offenses in the past has not been the issue,” Spaziani said. “It’s been execution.”

As that lack of execution has been repeated as the problem week after week, what’s the key to actually executing in the game?

“Part of execution is experience, and being in the right place,” Spaziani said. “And then part of execution is being in the right place and then winning that battle that has to be won. And part of the other thing is this: sometimes you can put them in a little better spot. You can make a better call sometimes. So it’s all a team issue.”

Depleted defensive line

BC’s defensive line has been hit hard by the injury bug, as four of the top eight linemen will not be on the field today against the Yellow Jackets. Kaleb Ramsey, Dillon Quinn, Brian Mihalik, and Mehdi Abdesmad were all declared as out of the game.

However, Spaziani sounded optimistic about the linemen who will be playing today, because of their consistent presence at practice over the past few weeks.

“The bad news is that those guys are out; the good news is that the guys who are in there have been practicing and they can only get better,” Spaziani said.

The starting linemen are projected to be Kasim Edebali and Kieran Borcich at defensive end, and Jaryd Rudolph and Connor Wujciak at defensive tackle.

True freshman Malachai Moore saw his first collegiate action last week at Florida State playing defensive end, and he will be on the field more today.

“We’ve recognized Malachai real fast early on that he is a prospect and a football player,” Spaziani said. “His body is not developed yet. But he’s still a physical presence, and he’s done a lot of good stuff since he’s been here.”

While Spaziani and his staff had thought about redshirting Moore this season, the decision to burn that redshirt was basically made for them because of injuries piling up.

“We had a hard discussion early on about what we were going to do with him,” Spaziani said. “It wasn’t clear-cut that he was going to be redshirted. Mehdi and Mihalik were doing some things. We thought he’s probably going to be the fifth guy and it wasn’t going to be worth it at the time [to burn his redshirt]. But then with the injuries, it was a no-brainer.

Spaziani said that they wouldn’t have put Moore in there if he didn’t think he was ready or wasn’t comfortable with it. The staff had a similar discussion about using Borcich last season, but the defensive end said he felt he wasn’t ready, so he kept his redshirt. The case with Moore, however, was different, and that’s why he is out there playing.

“[Moore] is going to be fine. He’s a football player,” Spaziani said. “Once again, ‘Next man up.’ It was just ‘Let’s go.’ Necessity is the mother of invention, or something like that.”

While there is a lot of youth on the Eagles’ two-deep, especially on the defensive side of the ball, Spaziani said that those players have injected a lot of positives into the team.

“Those guys usually bring what you would expect: youth and enthusiasm, excitement, and they’re happy to get going and get playing.”


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