November 20, 2012

My freshman and [sophomore] year, and even this year a little bit, I’m looking at the other people’s sidelines and they have 100 people, and I’m thinking, I’m a freshman and there’s a couple of fifth-years in the huddle with me and there’s some seniors and then last year it was the same thing. And then I went on to Scout and we had a lot of—or we should have had older guys the last two years, even this year. A lot of guys have left. That could obviously play a role in something, but just having older guys is good to have in the locker room. Starting next season, my class will be—no one’s left in my class, and so we’ll have a full team and that will help us out a lot.

Chase Rettig, on the impact he thinks a lack of fifth-years and seniors has had on BC’s struggles over the past two years.


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